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What is Security Today?

In today’s surroundings, security is no longer about heavy-duty tactics, it’s about having the skills to assess, foresee and reduce risks to your business and those connected with your business.

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The Eyres family has a long standing history in the security services industry on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Tweed Heads regions with Global Security Protection being founded on the vision, expertise and passion of Company Directors Luke and Nathan Eyres.




If your company chooses Global Security Protection  for your security needs before April 23rd 2015. You will recieve a free 2 week trial with no obligation.

We are that confdent in the quality of our services you will want Global Security Protection to be your provider. 



Why Choose us?


It's Easy.

We have 100% client retention for a reason.

Here are some of the points of difference between our mobile patrol service compared to our competitors:


  • Global Security Protection is the only security firm that provides its clients with a complete security report sheet at the end of each month detailing all things reported by the officers during the month. We ensure that our patrol officers report all situations that may affect the safety, security or economic prosperity of all of our clients sites. These may include minor maintenance issues such as lights being out or more serious security issues such as doors unable to be secured or possible work place health and safety issues that you may be unaware of during your regular working hours. Our customer service team will contact you asap for more serious matters that may need to be addressed.

    We at Global Security believe that our service to you does not just start and end with security, but extends to all matters that make your home or business a safe and secure environment.

  • Global Security provides all of its clients a detailed annual safety and risk analysis of the site to ensure that its clients understand the risks that may be posed to the security of the site and what steps can be taken to mitigate the risk.

  • Global Security Protection is the only security firm that can provide a Canine Patrol option to its mobile patrol service. Our canine patrol units are a proven added deterrence measure to your home and business and can be provided at minimal or in some cases no added expense to the regular patrol service. It’s been proven that having Canine security is a much greater deterrent than a regular man power security officer and can make criminals think twice about carrying out criminal activity at your premises.

  • All our clients are given a security recording device on sites that can be accessed anytime at the request of the client. This is to assure the client that an open and transparent service is being provided. We can place multiple devices around your premises to ensure that the patrol officer is attending to the areas of your site that you require them to.

  • Global Security is the only security firm to provide a guaranteed 15 minute response time for all alarm response situations. If this time is not achieved by the patrol officer then the client is not charged the full amount for the alarm response callout. We pride ourselves on the fact that our response times are faster than any other private security firm out there and are on average faster than most emergency services personnel. We can do this as we have ensured that all patrol zones are kept in close vicinity and that there is always a patrol officer ready to respond to any situation.

  • Global Security ensures that all of our patrol officers and canine units are provided with regular in house training to ensure that they are the most qualified and effective security force in the industry. Our personnel regularly receive training in many areas so as to ensure that they are ready to tackle the issues that may arise when on the job.


    Global Security Protection provides all potential clients with a 1 month trial of our mobile patrol service at half the regular price usually quoted for the service. We are so confident that once you have experienced our level of service that we consistently provide to all of our clients that you won’t want to go anywhere else.

    For all enquires on our mobile patrol service call our friendly customer service team on 1300 799 538 or info@globalsecurityprotection.com.au

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